On the Festival Trail

Over the last couple of weekends, we’ve been out and about at various festivals.

A couple of weeks ago, we were all involved with the Spoke’n’Heard tent at RhythmTree Festival, here on the Isle of Wight. With some good turnouts, not least for our headline acts, we’ll be looking to build audiences even more if the Festival will have us back!

Last weekend, Sue and Monty also made a pilgrimage to FATE — Festival at the Edge. This is of the UK’s best, and longest running storytelling festivals, and you can be sure that we’ve brought back many of the tales we picked up there..

The Moon over the Edge

Storytelling at Ventnor Fringe

As part of of the Ventnor Fringe, we’re involved in a whole host of upcoming events.

From storywalks and the book bus, to an Island Storytellers collective event and our first `Tis Tales performance, there are plenty of opportunities to come and hear some tales told the traditional way.

‘Tis Tales — Island Tales

Following several shows as “Three Island Storytellers”, Holly Medland, Tony “Monty” Hirst and Sue Bailey are coming to Ventnor Fringe for a first performance in their new guise of ‘Tis Tales.

Drawing on a wide range range of traditional stories, fabulous folk tales, magical myths, lost legends, and possibly even a few lies, the performance is sure to feature some stories you may recall as having heard somewhere before, once upon a time, and others that will surely be new to you.

So leave the box sets behind, unsubscribe from the podcasts, turn off the radio, forego the theatre, and instead come and enjoy a programme of tales told the traditional way.

Ventnor Arts Club [TICKETS]

Saturday 23rd July 2022 – 7pm – 8pm
Tickets: £8, Under 25 £5, Culture / Unlimited Pass 2for1

Island Storytellers — Gri(m)m Tales After Dark

This evening of storytelling will include grim local stories, darkly humorous yarns and folk tales collected by the brothers Grimm. (Viewer discretion advised as some of these stories may be a bit dark for the very young or faint hearted. Your yarn spinners all belong to the Island Storytellers, an informal group who meet to share tales and keep alive and promote oral storytelling. They meet on a monthly basis with occasional extra events such as arranging visiting storytellers and running storytelling workshops.

You can bring your drinks to this venue !

Ventnor Library [TICKETS]

Tuesday 26th July 2022 – 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Tickets: £6, Under 25 £5, Culture / Unlimited Pass 2for1


Variously Assembled at RhythmTree Festival, 2022

Although not all appearing on stage at the same time, all three members of ‘Tis Tales will be performing on the Spoke’n’Heard stage at the RhythmTree Festival at Sticelett Farm, Thorness Bay, Isle of Wight, over the weekend 8th-10th July, 2022.

Helping kick things off, Holly & Monty, Friday 8th July, 5pm-6pm, with a set on Fantastical Tales. Followed by an open storyround for anyone wanting to tell a story (max 5mins) of their own.

If the kids won’t give you a festival lie in on Sunday 10th July, 9am-10am, Sue will be opening things up bright and early with some Breakfast Picnic Tales. Coffee and bacon sandwiches welcome, but not provided!

Later on that morning, Sunday 10th July, 11.30am-12.30pm, Monty will be telling some Lost Tales, assuming he’s found them by then, of course…

Closing off the weekend, Sue and Monty will be joined by Steph for a stage finale of Fireside Tales, Sunday 10th July, 9pm-10pm.

Sue and Monty are also curating and hosting the stage throughout the weekend with Steph, another island-based storyteller.


‘Tis Tales to Appear at Ventnor Fringe

The first performance of Holly, Monty, and Sue as ‘Tis Tales will take place during Ventnor Fringe, 2022, at the Ventnor Arts Club on Saturday, July 23rd, 2022, 7pm-8pm with An Evening of Island Tales.

Tickets available from the Ventnor Fringe Box Office.


Final Show as “Three Island StoryTellers”

Finishing where we started, the final Three Island StoryTellers performance was held at microbrewery and craft ale arts pub Boojum & Snark in Sandown, Isle of Wight on Thursday, 23rd July, 2022.

A two act performance featuring tales from a range of traditions, including Thor and the Stolen Hammer, Godmother Death, and The Birth of Music, a tale that also involved a first outing for Holly’s lyre.

No animals were harmed during the performance, although one did take part… But that’s another story…


Welcome to ‘Tis Tales

The website for ‘Tis Tales, a band of storytellers — Holly Medland, Tony “Monty” Hirst and Sue Bailey — from the Isle of Wight.

More details coming soon…