Performance & Practice

Links and resources relating to the practice and praxis of traditional performance storytelling (whatever that is!).

Online Resources

Things that may be of interest if you want to develop a more critical or theoretical appreciation of storytelling practice:

Podcasts and interviews

A collection of links to interviews with professional storytellers. At some point, I will try to provide proper “catalogue” entries for this with at least as summary of the main talking points, if not a more comprehensive critique, and maybe even a transcript, if I can clear it with the teller and podcast producer… (Ideally, I’d also be able to host a local copy of the audio file in case it disappears; I’ll try to ensure pages are archived by as well.)


Books relating to performance storytelling practise and culture.

  • Contemporary Storytelling Performance (Female Artists on Practices, Platforms, Presences), Stephe Harrop, 2023, ISBN 9780367698669 [publisher page]. The sort of book you need to access through a university library, or request an inter-library loan from your local public library.