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Solo shows (email for bookings).

See also Stories’n’Harpshows and repertoire — a collaboration with Theresa Ellis on harp, and featuring Jenni Charity with sung verses.

The Winter Cherries and Other Seasonal Tales

Many people will be familiar with the tale of the Christmas feast at which King Uther, father of Arthur, tried to woo the Lady Igraine; but that feast was also the setting for another tale, of Sir Cleges, a once generous knight now fallen on hard times. By some miracle, his cherry tree bore fruit that midwinter Christmas day, but what happened next, when he tried to give the cherries to the King?

Under another a tree, a young woman prays that she will be blessed with a child as red as blood and as white as snow. If you think the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales are just for children, then think again…

And finally, as the year turns, King Arthur hosts a New Year’s Eve feast, only to have it interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious stranger. When the Green Knight lays down his Christmas challenge, Sir Gawain steps up to meet it — but at what cost to himself?

With the original date selling out over a week in advance, a second date on Friday, Decemnber 10th, 2023, was also added.

And the Girl Played On…

A collection of tales featuring driven women: a King’s daughter, a nettle spinner, a hunt for the leaves that hung but never grew, and devilish tale of obsession and ambition.

[Dedicated show page: And the Girl Played On…]

Traditional Irish Tales & Legends

A collection of tales from the Fenian Cycle, relating the history of Fionn Mac Cumhail, his son Oísin, and the warriors of the Fianna.

Travelling the Road

Unforeseen Consequences series, 1 hour [thought provoking]

A young girl and her brother are given a secret that brings a community together, before a King’s purchase from a traveling tinker ruins his banqueting table. A family heirloom and a kindly deed bring other stories to mind, whilst a chieftain’s decree is shown to be hasty…

Performed at:

  • The Athanor, Ventnor, Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Verging on Nonsense

Unforeseen Consequences series, 1 hour [humorous]

Two farmers try to get the better of their neighbour, whilst a young prince accepts a challenge to win a beautiful princess. A childless old couple are blessed with a child, a blacksmith does a deal with a devil, and young man certainly knows how to use his head.

Performed at:

  • Babushka Books, Shanklin, Thursday, February 2nd, 2023
  • Ventnor Fringe, 2023