An Evening of Elephant Tales, With Peter Chand

From ancient stone carvings, to the Indian epics and many a folktale in between – the elephant has played a large part in many a story from the subcontinent. Whether it is the kind and trusting beast who suffers at the cruel hands of man, or the Remover of Obstacles himself the wise and powerful Ganesha- the elephant is as much a part of the myth and folktale of India as the pantheon of gods themselves.

In what we hope will be a story-filled 2023, the Island Storytellers are bringing professional storyteller Peter Chand onto the island for an evening of Indian Tales — Jayamala and Other Elephant Tales — at Cafe Isola, Newport, on Friday, January 27th, 2023, doors at 6.30pm and first story at 7pm.

Tickets, priced £10 (including booking fee) are available from:

Biography: British Indian storyteller Peter Chand has bought together a collection of elephant stories that are at times whimsical and sensual, and also dark and disturbing in equal measure. From the mighty Indra’s flying white elephant, to the moving tale of Jayamala, this is a lovely collection of Indian stories bought to you by one of Europe’s finest storytellers.