Strange Girls, Beautiful Monsters

As the new year begins, what better way to start than with a Somewhen Storytelling promoted storytelling event in Cowes as part of National Storytelling Week….

If you haven’t been to a storytelling show before, try this one…

A girl enters the woods clutching a skull with burning eyesAnother tumbles out of a barrel and falls in loveA third erupts into the world riding a goatOne more opens a forbidden door…

If you like long form narrative comedians, you might find you like storytelling too…

Sarah Liisa Wilkinson invites you to meet some very strange girls and some very beguiling monsters from the fairytale forest. This is a world of Baba Yagas and bloodstained dolls, wide-eyed girls and spoon wielding sisters, lovestruck trolls, and lovers who hide monstrous secrets behind their charms.Dark, funny and enchanted – these are stories with iron teeth.

Cowes Combined Services & Social Club, Cowes, PO31 7AJ

Tuesday 30th January 2024, 7pm-9.30pm (timed to fit with Red Jet sailings (just around the corner) to/from Southampton…)

Running time: 75 minutes

Tickets: £10 (incl. booking fee)

Monty says: “I saw Sarah Liisa for the first time last year, performing this show, and was absolutely blown away by the energy and humour of it. A brilliant example of what storytelling can be. I can’t wait to see it again. This show will be a treat not to be missed… DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!”

If you’re not sure what storytelling is, here’s a rare video of Sara Liisa telling a tale…

Sara Liisa Wilkinson tells “The Golden Balls”. See how far she moved the tale on by comparing a traditional version from 1894...

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