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Somewhen Promotes “Tangle of the Commons” at IW Lit Fest

After a summer of otherwise activities, the Somewhen storytelling adventure makes a welcome return as we bring Lisa Schneidau onto the Island from the West Country to with her performance of Tangle of the Commons.

Tales and the land often go together, and Lisa’s tales are often steeped in the landscape and acutely aware of the local ecology. So what are you waiting for? Tickets are available from the Isle of Literary Festival website now…

Lisa Schneidau, Tangle of the Commons, Saturday, October 7th, 2023, 3.20-4.20pm, Isle of Wight Literary Festival, tickets £10 from

As befits a show at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival, we’re assured there will be book merch in the form of Lisa’s three collections of folk tales: Botanical Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland, Woodland Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland, River Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland, all published by History Press.

But this won’t be your typical book tour reading. It’ll be be a proper storytelling show!;-)

Lisa Schneidau —

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