Two Storytelling Shows for May…

Following on from two successful shows in February, at pop up venues The Athanor in Ventnor, and Babushka Books in Shanklin, ‘Tis Tales teller Monty will performing two new back to back shows at the same venues in May.

First up, on Wednesday, May 10th, 2023, with doors open at 7pm, at The Athanor, Ventnor, “And the Girl Played On…”. What happens when King’s daughter claims to love him only as much salt? What is the significance of the leaves that hung but never grew? How should a young girl respond when the local lord tells her she can only marry when she had spun her wedding shift, and his death shroud, from nettles? And what price ambition — for love, for fame? — when a bargain with the Devil is part of the story? Tickets, priced £4, are reservable in advance from the venue or by calling 07405 346388.

The following night, Thursday, May 11th, 2023, at Babushka Books in Shanklin, doors open at 7pm for a set of Irish tales and legends based on the Fenian cycle stories of Fionn Mac Cumhail, his son Oísin, and the warriors of the Fianna. How did Oísin get his name (“little fawn”)? How did Fionn get his thumb of knowledge, and how could his favourite hounds also be his cousins? And just how quickly could Cuilthe run? Tickets priced £5, including refreshments, are reservable in advance from the venue or by calling 07511 220038.

As space is limited in each venue, prior booking is required.

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